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Social Activities & Initiatives

Getting Educated for Social Interactions
Our school is a forerunner in several areas and we believe that we have a prime responsibility to teach our students more than just the academic curriculum. We are committed to also educate them to conduct themselves in social exchanges and situations. Our social activities program helps them to appreciate the value of establishing cordial relationships with not just their own classmates but children of all ethnicities, religions, castes and even with members of the opposite gender.

We provide them with a plethora of opportunities throughout the year to engage in social activities – be it community service, out of town trips, school and inter-school competitions and other activities that will put them in contact with other children and discover the pleasure of making new friends. Participating in social activities also provides them with the boost required to gain admission into a good college as they acquire and enhance skills like leadership, communication and interpersonal behaviour. These activities draw out hidden potential even from the children not performing as well academically.

Different Social Activities for the Children
A number of pursuits define this program. Clubs are an effective way to get a large number of students to participate in activities that interest them. Like-minded students run clubs like - career focused, arts, drama, social-causes and community service. Whatever the interests of an individual club, they all teach the students to work towards a common purpose. Children learn the importance of sticking to schedules and deadlines and respecting others time and contribution. The participants elect a leader (on rotation), who is responsible in keeping the group together and functioning to the optimum.

Playing sports as a team or individually, representing the larger group in events is another kind of social activity that has an impact in teaching children the importance of working together. It encourages individual participants to not just keep up their grades but also inculcates habits of maintaining good health and physical capacity. Sometimes parents and teachers are unaware of the hidden potential of a child and realize it when they outshine everyone on the play field. They discover football wizards, hockey champs, highly resilient athletes and stars in the many sports played at school. Being part of a team encourages children to look beyond personal victory, instead, viewing the team’s success as their own. This is a vital trait when interacting in the larger social arena.

We encourage and make leaders of tomorrow through our system of student run governing bodies. Each class has representation in this ‘body’ that helps the smooth communication and participation of activities. This group meets on a regular basis and through cooperation and healthy discussion sort out issues and address any concerns that the students may have. Effective leadership and communication ensure that students relate to each other in a manner that fosters cohesiveness. Since leaders are chosen by the students and on rotation, even the most introverted yet intelligent students get an opportunity to overcome their shyness and fear of speaking in large groups.

Other activities encouraged are field trips, fund raising campaigns and fun and games. Students interact with each other in informal settings and also learn appropriate demeanour in such interactions. We urge parents to encourage their children to actively participate in at least one such activity.