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Student Strength

Student strength plays a vital role in a school since this is the basis for the extent of attention given to each child. Class strength is one the primary factors to be considered while evaluating a school's worthiness. Most of the leading private schools have small or medium class strength. One of the primary points of private education is undivided individual attention. Our school provides a comprehensive student to teacher ratio of 25:1; this ratio is urgent to achieve the goal of individual attention.
Importance of Student-Teacher Ratio

Student-teacher ratios are primarily based on the total number of enrolment of students divided by the total number of school’s instructional staff. This number also includes all the specialist teachers in the department of arts, literacy, physical education and other special education teachers, who usually teach smaller groups of students. Our school aims to provide maximum undivided attention to the students, so that we can keep a check on each and every student and can efficiently monitor their day-to-day performance.
We also lay specific attention not only to the class strength but also towards the nature of the class and the subject that the teacher is teaching. We have placed a ceiling on the number of students per class and do not intend to cross that set limit. Our vision from the start has been very clear and our focus is on the quality of education and not on the quantity of students. This vision has allowed us to become one of the leading private schools of the city.
Benefits of Medium Size Student Strength
We have always believed that student strength is the key factor which affects the educational platform of our school; with medium size strength of students we have been able to enhance the quality of teaching which affects the overall growth of the students. This also impacts quality of the curriculum, efficient leadership of the school and better teacher-student relationship. Some of the other important benefits are as follows:
Better Results
Advance research shows that schools with medium student strength have better student results, this is because of the fact that personal attention can be delivered to each and every student.
Development of Leadership Qualities in Students
With sizable student strength, our teachers have the opportunity to identify the strong capabilities of every student. The teachers can then nourish these abilities and make the students realise their potential to the fullest.
We value each and every student of our school and understand that their overall development is our responsibility. Maintaining sizable student strength is one of the efforts that we have undertaken to fulfil our responsibility as a school.