Green Castle Smart School

Sector 47 C Chandigarh

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The History Of Our School

Creating a Vision
As we look with pride at the status our school has reached, our thoughts go back many years, to the times when we merely envisioned what we see today. It all started with a group of enthusiasts getting together and discussing about an educational institution where learning would be fun. Children would leap up at the mention of the word ‘School’ and rush to come to a place where there was so much to discover and imbibe. They would not fear to clarify doubts or discuss situations which intrigued them. In short, the school would be a place that personified ‘Joy’. Our teachers share a passion of working hard and enriching the lives of students.
Getting the School Started
Armed with these lofty ideals, we got started with our plans .Our mentor and guide was a gentleman who shared our enthusiasm and he also pooled in the financial resources. We hired a neat looking house which caught our fancy, because of the welcoming flowers. Plans were chalked out and formalities were done.
Upgrading Our Classes
Time moved on and we upgraded our school to class VIII. The spirit of the school seemed to have caught on with the students. This resulted in increasing numbers. As the school moved from strength to strength, we realized that we would have to prepare for the class X batch.
Realizing the Need of Our Own School Building
As the school spread its wings, we discovered that hiring places for our classrooms was not comfortable. Having our own building was the need of the hour; a place we could literally address as “Our School”. With this, another exercise was started. We have now our own school library, science laboratory, math laboratory, yoga room, art/craft room, dance practice room having the facility of a huge mirror, separate exam hall, a colossal stage for practice, smart class facilities etc. The well known motto of keep trying till you succeed couldn’t have been more appropriately stated.
The Foundation Stone of the Building is laid           Our building looked magnificent and we were all set to take up any  challenges that would come our way.