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The School Anthem

The Bonding Factor
For every child, the school unfolds a whole range of experiences. Schooling is an imperative part of the growing up process. Here, one learns about academics, sports, extra-curricular activities and much more. The list is endless. Most important of all, it is the sense of attachment, the pride of being a part of a particular institution.
An Insight of the School
Children come to school from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds. However, they have a common aim, which is to gain education and knowledge. They move a step at a time and soon pass class twelve.  Before we know it, our little babies grow into fine young men and women, ready to take the world by storm!
The School Spirit Unites One And All
In the day-to-day process of learning, every child has to tackle different situations. Sometimes it is problems in a subject and at other times it maybe participating in games. Besides these there are relationships to deal with and school rules to be followed. Underlying all these diverse factors is one important bond, which brings the students together. This unifying quality is the ‘school spirit’. Parents, teachers and students join together for the emotional, financial and physical support of the school.
The Reason for Creating a School Anthem
The school spirit induces confidence. Students have a sense of belonging, which eggs them on to greater achievements. To highlight the importance of the school spirit, every school has a school anthem. Pride for the school is evident in whatever activities the child may undertake. If it’s competing with other teams on the sports field, the paramount thought is winning for one’s school. To inspire, to encourage and to create bonds is the main reason for having a school anthem The goal of the school, its values and its motto are all etched in the lines of the school anthem.
Features of the School Anthem
It is sung in chorus and is a grand finale to any school event that takes place. Students sing their anthem with respect and honor. They have to stand to attention when they croon it so that they get inspired and motivated. The words echo the hopes and aspirations of the school. The essence of the school anthem is to rouse the spirits of the children and uplift their souls. Not only this, it enthuses them with pride for being a part of an institution which makes them hold their heads high. It is the overwhelming feeling of loyalty and faith which sums up the word ‘School Anthem’. It’s a feeling which can only be perceived by a son of the Alma Mater.