Green Castle Smart School

Sector 47 C Chandigarh

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Vision & Mission

Vision - A Progressive Approach
We give you the future leaders of the world! It is our vision to ensure that each child entrusted to us is given space to be able to realise his/her full potential. Both the family and nation have high expectations and we know our children will make all proud.
Mission - Opening Young Minds to the Wonders of Life
Our school has undertaken the onerous yet pleasurable task of ensuring that all children handed over to us in good faith are brought up with love and care so that grow up into confident young adults. Your child is our most precious possession and our mission is to nurture and help them spread their wings. A young, innocent and impressionable child should be able to leave our school with an all rounded education. This includes being able to differentiate between right and wrong, having a compassionate nature with the willingness to reach out to those who are less fortunate. Knowledge is growing at an exponential rate and is available at the click of the mouse. Education has to be the weapon that helps students sift and disseminate the information available so that it can be used to their advantage.
We have adopted a progressive approach towards education. Modern education should be able to find the right blend between the old and the new. While we make certain that the students learn traditional values, culture and history of the nation, they should also be equally confident about the challenges awaiting them outside the threshold of their school. We stand by them as they fumble and learn, urging them on to compete and excel against themselves rather than against each other.

World Citizens
Children today need to be global citizens with broad-minded views. They need to be good communicators, willing to work with each other, to learn to dream big and to be able to translate their dreams into reality. Education therefore has to be all inclusive, training the mind and the body to be fit and healthy in order to ensure that the future generation leads a responsible, satisfying and fulfilling life.
The home plays an important role in helping us achieve our mission, since we believe that education starts within the home. We will appreciate your support in our endeavour to help empower the children. We prod them to equip themselves with the skills required today and also give them the strength to adapt themselves as well as keep pace with the fast changing challenges they may face in the future.