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Work Experience

Understanding the World of Employment
Our student’s welfare and education is of primary importance and we believe that any program must be of value to them. Based on this belief, we have implemented a work experience program that has been put together by students, parents, teachers and professionals providing the opportunity. As part of our educational plan, this program affords students an opportunity to experience first-hand, the world of jobs and gain invaluable insights into industries and the actual running of offices. Students learn by shadowing employers and observing the functioning of a work place. They are given tasks that are easy and do not require extensive expertise or training, yet teaching them some key skills.

On-the-job-training is for a short period of time and is unpaid but students get a fabulous opportunity to make career choices before actually stepping out of school. We help our students get work placements in reputed companies to further assist them in their goal of a sound career. They receive support, advice and guidance from the professionals they work with. Our trained faculty helps parents to understand the advantage work experience brings and provide useful information and links to gather more data.

A Program for Senior Students
The work experience program has been established for students in the senior secondary classes. However, not all students are eligible for this huge advantage – it is an opportunity for ‘A’ grade achievers only. The experience afforded depends on the organization and is normally a period ranging from two to three weeks at the end of which the student is awarded a certificate of completion and merit for exceptional performance.

Companies that Offer such Experience
Many large and reputed companies are part of this program and encompass a wide range of industries like financial, NBFC, banks, professional services, media companies and retail giants. When students work with respected professionals, they learn first-hand what a work day looks like for a senior professional. Students get exposure to the functioning of the office while interacting with all levels of staff.

Additionally, this work experience program lends a sense of direction to the children in terms of their career choices. Through hard-work, dedication and teamwork, these students receive a plethora of opportunities, garner support from a large network of like-minded youngsters and experienced professionals. The other major benefit of this work experience program is that when they actually embark on a job search, they are equipped with valuable knowledge of a number of industries. From the company’s perspective, they have a pool of young minds and raw talent that is raring to go. This program is a win-win for all involved.

We urge parents and teachers to work in close coordination to help students realize their dreams and remain motivated to improve continuously. The work experience program is highly beneficial, an affirmation of which can be seen from our school alumni luminaries page.