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We believe that individuals progress through various common stages of development that are influenced by both inherited capabilities and the environmental factors. For this purpose, we ensure that learners are involved in productive, engaging and workable sessions. In our institution, we have regular workshops for pupils that enhance their holistic and experiential knowledge.
Wow Factor in Our Workshops!
All workshops have an active learning component either through small group discussions or individual reflection questions. Our school secures the services of experts to facilitate these sessions. At our school, we have innovative interactions making learning fun and creative.
Circus Workshop
Our pupils work with experienced tutors in the art of circus skills. They learn amazing stuff such as juggling, unicycle, plate spinning, gigantic bubble making, drama games, clowning and many more carnival activities. These sessions largely influence the kinaesthetic abilities of the learners.
Become a Scribe for a Day
Through creative opportunities supporting the curriculum, pupils learn about historical writing and how to create their own, whether it is an illuminated letter, a bookmark or a piece of writing to be linked to a particular area of the curriculum. They learn a new skill that boosts confidence, raises aspirations and enriches them.
A brief introduction is also given about calligraphy - how it started, progressed in history and the materials used.

Kites cross the divide between arts and science. They support the teaching of mathematics and help introduce the history and geography of other countries and cultures. Kites become the channel for learning and communication between different ages and ethnicities.
Silk Painting
Pupils learn to make banners, buntings and other items using silk, china silk and silk paints. It focuses on ‘design to production’ element thus, encouraging pupils to work, collaborate, critique and rework their ideas before the final production.
Funky Junk Art Sessions
These cover everything from screen printing, embroidery to jewellery making and weaving, felt-making, willow structures, mask-making, clay work, papermaking, sculpture etc. Each workshop is developed to support a particular theme, topic or an area of interest.
Puppetry Form

This is led by a renowned facilitator teaching curriculum related work using puppets. It offers puppet making and puppet manipulating workshops. It also devises puppet productions with groups and use puppets to tell stories. This is especially popular among our primary and secondary pupils. They have also showcased a drama using puppets in the Founders’ Week festivities.
Perfume Making and Marketing Workshop
These workshops give our older pupils the chance to make perfumes from essential oils using chemistry equipment. It also provides the knowledge to market, promote and sell these perfumes to parents or others to generate revenue as part of a school Enterprise week. It demonstrates how science, manufacturing, branding and pricing need to work together in order to create a successful business idea.

This workshop is highly popular among the young learners aged between 8-12 years. It allows children to generate electricity using renewable energy sources such as the solar thermal parabolic dishes. It discusses the disadvantages of current fossil fuel based power generation and introduces environmentally friendly methods.