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Writers Corner

Developing the Art of Penmanship
Our school is renowned not just for its teaching calibre but also for the focused effort towards running cooperative projects that are effective and stand head and shoulders above the heaps of such ventures all around. A stand-out jewel among the other prized ones is the Writers Club. We are constantly amazed at the creativity, insightfulness and maturity of thought displayed by our students through the power of the word. Even though, the foremost emphasis is academic text, the student’s original writings are given equal importance. Students have made significant contributions towards plays, story writing and essays for the school and the faculty involved in the club provide measured guidance and instructions.

It is not without reason that we give so much importance to writing through the formation of this club. The written word has the capacity to influence and change our limited perceptions of the world around us and our students seemed to have grasped this without a doubt. We have posted some diverse and rich contributions from our young writers on our website.

Purpose of the Club
We realized the potential of our students and this club is an ode and an aid to this capability. Collaborating with their peers and other students from like-minded schools gives these young people the motivation and enlightenment they require to pen some well-articulated thoughts.

Interacting with global students and being part of some widespread educational projects, these children gain insights into other cultures, countries and events of literary significance. Even introverted students find it easy to express themselves through writing and are able to contribute on a global scale. The most encouraging part of being in the Writers Club is that it does not limit the students and while it enhances learning, the knowledge gained is distinct from the classroom education received. There are no limits to how much a student can write – from an article a day to just one a year – all are welcome.

Who can be part of this Club?
The activities of this club are primarily for secondary and senior secondary students. For our little ones in pre-primary and primary classes, we have a separate ‘Kid Writers’ Club’ where we publish drawings, poems and stories written by the youngest members of the school. It is a great way to encourage them and builds a foundation to join the Writers Club as they become older.

Any student who would like to express ideas through writing is part of the club and it is supervised on rotation by members of the teaching staff and some students. We believe that writing with passion breaks down barriers and encourages a cohesive and congenial work environment.

Our school has been working tirelessly with parents, students and other schools to ensure that these budding artists never lose their passion and desire to write. The annual competitions are exhilarating as some of the finest writings are chosen to be read out before an elite audience of renowned writers, professionals, parents and other students from schools across the globe.